Snack Time Pencil

• Write, work or sign with one of these cute and lovely Snack Time Pencils!

• A must-add-on to the pencil case of all snack lovers!

• The top of each pencil is decorated with a wooden piece of snack food to make you want to bite on it when you’re writing with it!

• Comes in 6 themes. Get a $0.25 shipping discount for each additional pencil that you purchase! Enjoy $2.00 off if you purchase the whole set of 6 pencils!

• Best choice as gifts for friends who enjoy snacks and fastfood!

• Dimensions: approximately 19cm

Please choose from the following themes:

Chocolate Cake

Soda Pop

Hot Dog



Ice Cream Cone

US$2.99 including shipping. Leave us a comment or ask a question below.

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