Shake’n Smoothie Memo Pad

• Impress your colleagues and classmates by sketching, writing and note-jotting with one of these Brand New Shake and Smoothie Carton Memo Pads!

• Each Carton looks like a real drink carton right off a convenient store shelf! A cute gift and trick for all ages!

• Each Carton is filled with 600 loose note sheets! Perfect for sharing among desktops at work and at home! A great value for the price!

• Comes in 6 “flavors” for all taste-buds! Note sheets are also printed with and scented with that “flavor”!

• Ink is easily replaceable when used up

• Dimensions: Length x height of memo sheets are 5 x 5 cm

What you will get in the package:
You can choose from the following irresistible “flavors”:



Mixed Fruits

Strawberry Sold out! :(

Peach Nectar


US$11.45 including shipping. Leave us a comment or ask a question below.

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