Fast Food Memo Pad


• Impress your colleagues and classmates by sketching, writing and note-jotting in one of these Brand New Fast-food Memo Pads!

• Each Memo Pad is “layered with ketchup, cheese, lettuce in 2 delicious breads or buns”! The perfect stationery to light up the desktop and even the room!

• In fact, inside each memo pad has over 60 sheets of red, yellow and green blank pages in between 2 squishy foams- 100% flexible for any kind of notes and contents! A cute gift for all ages!

• Slim and compact; suitable for you to carry around in your schoolbags and handbags!

• Dimensions: Diameter x Height 10.5 x 5 cm (hamburger); Length x Width x Height 14 x 6 x 5 cm (hot dog); 12 x 12 x 5 cm (sandwich)

You can choose from one of the following shapes:

KCL Hot Dog

KCL Hamburger

KCL Sandwich

US$6.50 including shipping. Leave us a comment below to place your order. (All order posts are kept confidential)

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