Chocolate Bar Memo Pad


…as featured on Food Network Magazine Aug 2010 Issue!

• Impress your friends and colleagues by jotting notes into this this Brand New Chocolate-Bar-shaped Memo Pad

• Cover and back-cover of each Memo Pad are made of plastic in high details to imitate a chocolate bar

• It is slim and compact. Suitable for you to carry around in your bag!

• Notepad is filled with blank white pages- 100% flexible for any kind of notes and contents!

• Best choice as gifts for friends who enjoy chocolate and desserts or simply those with a sense of humor and creativity!

• Dimensions: 11 x 9cm (W*L)

Please choose from the following “flavors”:

Dark Chocolate

Strawberry Chocolate Sold out! :(

Lemon Chocolate Sold out! :(

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