Juicy Fruity ID Holder/Baggage Tag

• Impress your friends and colleagues by holding your ID cards, staff cards, travel cards and contact info for your baggage with one of these Brand New Tooty Fruity Card Holders!

• They are made of PVC and are light-weighted and slim which is suitable for everyday use such as hanging around your neck (strap not included) or tagging it to your bags and luggage!

• Product is made in Korea and is a product of the brand, Full, that is a quality, famous lifestyle product brand in Korea

• On each Holder is unique artwork of one kind of famous Fruity Snacks; also comes with a matching sheet for your personal info for use as a luggage tag!

• Best choice as gifts for friends who enjoy food, desserts especially refreshing fruits!

• Dimensions: 10.5 x 6.5 cm(L*W);

Please choose from the following themes:

Del Monte Prunes Fruit Snacks

Noooo Banana Split (Noooo Banana Split)

Blueberry x Cranberry Teabags Sold out! :(

Jolly Rancher Sugar Free Mixed Fruit Hard Candies

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