Hamburger 3-layer Lunch Box


• Enjoy your lunch at office or at school from this cute and impressive 3-layered Hamburger Lunchbox!

• Vivid design of sesame buns, veggie and beef to imitate a real hamburger!

• Comes with a set of matching fork and spoon!

• Light-weight for ease of carrying; entire box made of plastic for easy cleaning!

• Each lunchbox is airtight and is secured with clasps on the 2 sides when carrying food

• Suitable to carry food of temperature from a wide range of -20ºc to 120º

• Best choice as a gift for all ages!

• Dimensions- hamburger: 13 x 8.5 cm (diameter x height); spoon: 2.5 x 10 cm (width x length); fork: 1.8 x 10 cm (width x length)

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