Pastry Pen


• Impress your friends and colleagues by writing and signing with one of these Brand New Pastry-shaped Ball-point Pens

• They are portable, light-weighted, slim and smooth writing that is suitable for everyday usage, such as signing and jotting down telephone numbers or addresses!

• Also a nice add-on to your kitchen as a Fridge Magnet!

• Best choice as gifts for those who enjoy food, cooking or simply those with a sense of humor and creativity!

• Ink is easily replaceable when used up

• Magnet on the back of each pen can be used to test metallic materials or pick up screws and other small metallic parts

• Ball size: 0.5mm; Dimensions: 12.6 x 3.4 x2.3cm(L*W*D); Weight: 24.5g

What you will get in the package:
1 x Pastry Pen which comes in any one of these irresistible shapes:




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